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Buried on the Jewish Cemetery

It has been a while since the last update. But I haven’t been inactive.

I did a lot online research and have been writing a couple of people. Among them was the Jewish congregation of Rotterdam. I have asked them if it is possible to visit the Jewish cemetery. I have given them a list of direct Walg/Blok family members of whom I think/know that they are buried there.

They are :
Eduard Walg (1931)
Klaartje Blok (1907)
Johanna Cateau Walg (1940- bombardment of Rotterdam)
Klaartje Walg (1940-bombardment of Rotterdam)
Maurits Walg (survivor of the holocaust)

And maybe some family graves..
I want to photograph them (only if that is allowed. I have given my intentions: the book. And to leave some little memorial stones)

streekarchief gouda
The Archive in Gouda

Unfortunately they have not answered my email, so maybe I send it again.

Yesterday I went to the archives for the first time. In Gouda. There they keep the archives of the municipality Krimpenerwaard. In which Ouderkerk resides.
I have begun to research the notarial archives, to see if there is any trace of wills or acquisition of real estate.
Unfortunately I haven’t found anything, but tomorrow I Will go again.

What I did discover: It will take a lot of time to research all the archives. It took me a lot of energy and I only could stay there for only 2 hours. The seats were very uncomfortable and therefore the pain got too much to stay longer.
Whenever I will really know the records are about the Walg family I will just photograph them and research them at home. There I can lay down, laptop on my lap.
And in other cases it will be a lot travelling back and forth.

Next steps: researching the archive of the synagogue of Schoonhoven to which They gave a donation after Eduard and Klaartje got married. The were probably congregation members, before they moved to Rotterdam.

In addition to the Walg project I am in the middle of another small project.
At the end of last year I sent a Tweet to the municipality. I wrote that with 2020 approaching (75 years after the liberation) it will be about time to build a monument for the warvictims of Ouderkerk and to finally pay some respect to those Ouderkerk families who have risked their lives to save those of others, during wartime.
Last month I received, very unexpected, a tweet back: If I could write the mayor an email about my tweet.
A couple of weeks ago the mayor wrote me back. He was impressed with my email and research.
And he asked me to research the families who had Jews in hiding during war time. To see if they can be awarded with a Yad Vashem awarded.
So now I have started a research (with a fellow villager). It probably concerns to families. For the research I have to interview witnesses and living family members. Unfortunately the helpers themselves are already deceased. So, if granted, it will be a posthumous award.

So, there is much to do in the couple of hours a day that I can be active. But it is very fulfilling work.

Tomorrow update about the houses of Eduard and Klaartje in Ouderkerk

By the way…if some one interested to accompany me to the Jewish cemetery in Rotterdam…you are welcome!

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